French 1: Bienvenue!

Notre Dame de Paris Entry
  • Welcome to French 1! I am so excited that you chose to be here. The following is a basic overview of the class.

    Purpose: To introduce students to the French language in order to develop vocabulary, speaking and grammar skills, and an appreciation for other cultures.  To prepare students for further language study.

    Goals:  To develop student’s vocabulary and grammar in French.

    To strengthen listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

    To create an awareness of similarities and differences between our culture and that of the Francophone world.

    To retain students for further language study.

    Topics covered this year: School subjects and supplies, time, food, family, general nouns, likes/dislikes, activities, places

    Grammar focus:  Verb conjugations, adjective agreement and placement, question formation, similarities and differences in English v. French grammar

    Materials: Allez Viens! Level 1 textbook; 3-ring binder with 5 dividers