• RHS TSA Summary of Fees 

    • $26 RHS TSA Membership - due in September to local bookkeeper.  This covers state and national registration
    • $10 VEX Team Membership Fee - due in September for students who are part of a Vex Robotics team. Don't pay this until after you have confirmed that there is a VEX team at your school and there is a spot for you on that team (max 6/team).
    • $100 (approx) TSA Spring Leadership Competition and Conference Fee (due in December).  This fee will be collected in December and may be offset by successful fundraising efforts as determined by local advisors. The amount is variable based on the location of each year's spring leadership conference. The 2018 Spring Conference will be in Twin Falls, March 2018.
    • $1000 (approx) TSA National Conference is held each summer for students who qualify to attend based on placement at the TSA State Conference each spring, as well as students who are elected into an Idaho State Officer position.  Successful fundraising throughout the year may bring this cost down.  The 2018 National Conference will be in Atlanta, Georgia June 22 - June 26, 2018.

     Payments can be made to your high school bookkeeper.

    Students facing financial barriers limiting participation should speak with their advisor or email wax.joseph@westada.org for options.