Agricultural Science and Natural Resource Management  

Agriculture and natural resource education in Idaho is a joint effort of secondary and post-secondary programs and institutions across the state. Entities work in cooperation with the State Division of Professional-Technical Education for coordination of curriculum, program finances, and common goals. This is in an effort to prepare and support individuals for careers as they build awareness and develop leadership for the food, fiber and natural resource systems of our planet.

Agriculture Education

AG 410 Personal Skills Development 
This course fulfills the speech graduation requirement.
AG 410 Curriculum [Ag 410 Personal Skill Development]

AG 475 Advanced Leadership in Agriculture & Marketing
AG 475 Curriculum [Ag 460 Agribusiness Management and Marketing]
AG 550 Science of Food Production
Dual Credit Option 
AG 550 Curriculum [Ag 550 Biology Food Science] 
AG 660 Consumer Economics/Agricultural Business and Economics
This course fulfills the economics graduation requirement.
Dual Credit Option 
AG 660 Curriculum [Ag 660 Consumer Econimcs Agricultural Business and Economics]
AG 9800 Occupational and Career Experience (Cooperative Education and Land Laboratories) 
AG 9900 Occupational and Career Experience (SAE and Summer Programs)

Animal Science Pathway

AG 140 Introduction to Animal Science 
This course is required for all Animal Science classes.
AG 140 Curriculum [Ag 140 Introduction to the Livestock Industry]

AG 530 Zoology/Animal Science
AG 530 Curriculum [Ag 530 Zoology Animal Science] 

AG 536 Zoology/Fish and Wildlife Management
AG 536 Curriculum [Ag 536 Zoology Fish and Wildlife Science]
AG 532 Zoology/Science of Animal Nutrition
AG 532 Curriculum [Ag 532 Zoology Science of Animal Nutrition]
AG 570 Equine Science I and AG 571 Advanced Equine Science II 
AG 570 and AG 571 Curriculum [Ag 570 Zoology Equine Science]
AG 590 Veterinary Assistant Internship
AG 590 Curriculum [Ag 590 Zoology Veterinary Science]

Natural Resources/Plant Science Pathway  

AG 512 Horticulture II/Science of Plant Growth and Development 
AG 512 Curriculum [Ag 512 Botany Science of Plant Growth and Development]

Small Gas Engines Pathway

AG 221 Introduction to Small Gasoline Engines
AG 223 Advanced Small Gasoline Engines I
Dual Credit Option 
AG 220 Advanced Small Gasoline Engines II
AG 221, 223, and 220 Curriculum [Ag 221 Small Gasoline Engines]

Welding Pathway

AG 231 Welding III/Agricultural Power Technology
AG 231 Curriculum [Ag 220 Agriculture Power Technology]
AG 240 Welding IV/Agricultural Fabrication
Dual Credit Option 
AG 240 Curriculum [Ag 240 Agricultural Fabrication]