• UPDATE: Please see the AP REMOTE LEARNING LINK for assignments. As per district policy, the remaining assignments will only serve to improve your grade. The content for our exam has already been taught, so this is review material for your Rhetorical Analysis essay assessment. I will be assigning you work and providing dates for them to be completed by, but they will not count against your grade. They will only serve as practice.
    Our new exam date is MAY 20th at 12 noon. It will be a digital Q2 essay prompt that you will have 45 minutes to respond to. There will be no multiple choice or Q1/Q3 essays. 
    I have created a turnitin.com account for our class. We will be using turnitin.com. to submit any essays you want me to read and respond to. If you want to continue to handwrite your essays, you and I can work out a plan to practice doing so. 
    For turnitin.com, you may have to create an account. If you have an old account, you should still be able to use it with our new class code.
    Class Code: 24526255
    Class Key: 2020
    Welcome to AP Language and Composition!
    This class will prepare you for the rigor of college, the AP exam in the spring, Senior Project during your senior year, and arguments for the rest of your life.
    Rhetoric and composition are the essence of politics, literature, and essays. It is how we propose for marriage and convince our parents to pay for the next tank of gas. We will discover how people manipulate, persuade, and convince while looking at nonfiction rhetoric as well as fictional rhetoric in literature,
    We will follow the guidelines of the AP College Board as well as snippets of the WestAda Junior English curriculum.
    See this website for available handouts and daily to-do's and due dates.