Business, Marketing, and Office Technology

Business and marketing programs prepare high school students for careers in business, management, and marketing and for transition into college academic and technical business programs. Students use accounting knowledge to make decisions about planning, organizing, and allocating resources. They apply principles of law in personal and business settings. They study marketing as it relates to distribution finance, research, management,, pricing, product/service management, communication, promotion, and entrepreneurship. Finally, students develop interpersonal, teamwork, and leadership skills necessary to be successful in diverse business settings. 


Business Education

Keyboarding/Word Processing  
Desktop Publishing
Web Design I
Introduction to Interactive Media
Interactive Media Video A 
Interactive Media Video B
Interactive Media Graphics

Accounting Pathway


 Administrative Services Pathway

Computer Applications I
Computer Applications II
Computer Applications III
Business Cooperative Education

Marketing Education

For High School of BusinessTM, see High School of Business under Professional Technical Curriculum.