Media Technologies

Media Technologies is a program with four pathway options: 

Broadcast Technology  --  Digital Photography  --  Graphic Communications  --  Journalism   
Classroom instruction in journalistic writing, photographical composition, script writing, and investigative reporting techniques are reinforced with practical experiences. Students learn to use the tools, equipment, materials, and processes found in these respective industries to put their individual written, graphic, video, or audio products into commercially oriented products. All four pathway options provide students with the skills needed to apply for the yearbook staff and/or to complete an occupational experience.   

Broadcast Technology Pathway

Video Technology I
Video Technology II
Broadcast Technology

Digital Photography Pathway 

Introduction to Digital Photography
Digital Photography I
Digital Photography II
Digital Photography III

Graphic Communications Pathway

Graphic Design/Communication I
Graphic Design/Communication II
Graphic Design/Communication III

Journalism Pathway

Introduction to Newspaper
Introduction to Mass Media
Advanced Newspaper
Advanced Yearbook
Advanced Yearbook Production
Occupational & Career Experience in Media Technologies  
The Media Technologies curriculum for the pathway programs Broadcast Technology, Digital Photography, Graphic Communications,  and Journalism can be found in the Media Technologies Curriculum Guide.