Anatomy and Physiology

  • Course Overview:

    Human Anatomy and Physiology is the study of the structure and function of the human body.

    The makeup of the cell and its organization into tissues, organs and systems will be emphasized. The different systems will then be studied individually as to their structure and function. Finally, the interaction and interdependence of the various body systems will be analyzed. Dissections may be used to clarify the structure and function of living things. Through the study of the human body the student will learn as the Psalmist stated that “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”   This course will use lecture, discussion, reading and research. Quizzes will be given to assess comprehension on current topics. Students will read and utilize activities from the notes and other materials to gather information. Emphasis will be placed on effectively communicating your understanding of scientific information.

    Course Calendar/Schedule (tentative):

    Semester 1

                                          Unit 1             Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology

                                          Unit 2             Medical Terminology, Membranes and Tissues

                                          Unit 3             Skeletal System: Axial Skeleton

                                          Unit 4             Skeletal System: Appendicular Skeleton

                                          Unit 5             Skeletal System: Appendicular Skeleton

                                          Unit 6             Muscular System

                                          Unit 7              Nervous System

                                                      Review            Semester Final

     Semester 2

                                          Unit 8              Cardiovascular System

                                          Unit 9              Respiratory and Digestive System

                                          Unit 10            Endocrine and Urinary System

                                          Unit 11            Integ. and Reproductive Sys

                                          Unit 12            Lymphatic and Immune System

                                          Unit 13            Heredity

                                                    Review            Semester Final