Let's Have Some Fun!

  • Does listening to "kids" music drive you crazy?

    Here's some artists who are popular with my children, and whom the adults just might enjoy as well. All of these artists can be found on spotify, youtube, or just follow the links to their websites. The older artists can often be found in Thrift stores or at your local public library.

    Caspar Babypants (aka: Chris Bellew)

    Caspar Babypants is the stage name of children's music artist Chris Ballew, who is also widely known as the singer of "The Presidents of the United States of America"

    I have at least 12 of his albums, my favorites being his two sets of Beatles covers.  If you happen to be in Seattle area when he does a live show (see his webpage for more details), it is a great time for the whole family. His music is marketed as being for 0-6 years old, but we haven't outgrown him yet.



    Sharon, Lois, and Bram

    A group of Toronto-based artists who were frusterated at the lack of quality children's music and formed their group in 1978. I grew up watching The Elephant Show in the 80's, (which you can still find online) and have several of their albums for my children.

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    His songs are classic and easy to sing along to. My favorite way of using his music is to sing along with the book (there's almost always a book). Thrift stores, music teachers, and grandparents always have these on hand and for good reason.

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    Classical Kids

    On longer car trips, I grew up listening to "Beethoven Lives Upstairs", "Mr. Bach Comes to Call", and "Mozart's Magic Fantasy". Now every time we get into the car the kids want to listen to them too. With amusing scripts, and music by the famous composers, this makes the car ride go faster, and as a bonus everyone learns something about the composers or their famous works.