Innovative Grants

  • What is the Innovative Grant Program?

    Every educator wants to create an environment that fosters a students' love of learning. Educators want students to be at the center of what is happening in the classroom, they want a collaborative environment where students learn from each other, and educators want students to see the "real life"" application of their learning.  Educators have many ideas on how to make this happen in the classroom.
    The Foundation helps teachers be innovative and creative in their classrooms! 
    For the past 28 years, the Foundation has provided grants for the innovative and creative ideas that teachers have for their classrooms.  We have provided everything from standing desks for students, Cross fit equipment, interactive whiteboards, maker space supplies, iPads, Lego Mindstorms, and special materials for special education students.  All of the money from this program goes to help students in the classrooms.  All grants are for directly for student learning.
    The West Ada Education Foundation has an annual grant cycle,  The Foundation’s Grant Committee reads and evaluates the proposals for innovative and creative ideas for classroom programs. 
    We encourage businesses to pick and support one of these grants.  
    THE TIME TO APPLY IS in the Fall: 

    The final grant deadline is December 2016. All grants must be received to The Education Foundation Office at the District Service Center 1303 Central Drive, Meridian, Idaho by 4:00 p.m on the deadline date.

    Teachers will be honored and the awards will be given at the Friends of the Foundation Reception.

    To acquire the supplies once awarded, teachers will need to work directly with the Education Foundation Executive Director to complete the purchase of their supplies. Grant funds must be spent in the year that they are awarded.

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