Linder Farms

  • For many of us, this was our first time on a big, yellow bus.  We had so much fun at Linder Farms.  We played on the tractors and in the corn pit.  We walked through the corn maze and got to pet the animals.  We took a hay ride to "pumpkin valley" as the kids called it and we listened close to hear our perfect pumpkin calling our name.   I feel super lucky that I get to be part of your kiddos life story and am truly blessed to be able to do what I do.  Hooray for school and Kindergarten!

  • When we got back to school we did Pumpkin Stations with our perfect pumpkins after we washed them and shined them up.  We sorted our pumpkins from smallest to biggest and bumpy and smooth.  We predicted whether our pumpkins would sink or float and found out how many pumpkins tall we were.  We estimated the circumference of our class pumpkin with yarn and tried to find the "just right" length.  We will carve our classroom pumpkin together in preparation for our Nocturnal Day and Halloween celebrations. 

Pumpkin Patch