Counseling Support Groups

  • The following counseling support groups will be offered this year if there is enough interest. We do our best to offer each group multiple times per year and to keep students grouped together by grade level. For a copy of the group counseling consent form, please have your student stop by the counseling office before school, at lunch, or after school. A copy can be emailed home to you upon request. 

    Alliance – A 6 to 8-week support group for students who have identified as LGBTQ or are questioning their orientation. The group will focus on developing confidence, self-respect, and acceptance.  

    Angry Birds: A 6 to 8-week support group designed for students who need help with identifying triggers that cause strong emotions and identifying positive ways to manage these feelings.   

    Banana Splits:  A 6 to 8-week support group designed to help kids adjust to major changes within the family unit such as marriage, divorce and/or blending families. 

    Good Grief! A 6 to 8 week support group for students who are coping with the loss of a loved one or friend. This group will focus on understanding the grieving process and will identify practical skills to work through the grief. 

    Super Men: A 6 to 8-week support group for young men who want to build and maintain positive relationships, improve self-confidence, and maintain a high level of self-esteem.  

    Wonder Women:  A 6 to 8-week group which focuses on building healthy relationships, improving self-confidence, developing a positive body image, and having an attitude of gratitude. 

    Worry WarriorsA 6 to 8-week support group which focuses on identifying sources of anxiety and developing skills to overcome worries/stressors.  

     All group counseling curriculum is available for parent preview in the counseling office