Why are we doing it?

  • Though smaller in size, the bells, scheduling, curriculum amount/content, and in most cases, classroom practice of the academies are very similar to those seen in the larger high schools. Cohort graduation rates (9th grade students graduating in 4 years) are seen in the 33-41% range indicating that less than half of these students graduate on time. As these students fall behind their peers it also dramatically increases the chances of these students dropping out of school altogether.

    Why is mastery based learning going to be used now?
    In order to create students who are career and college ready, a rethinking of our classrooms is needed. Technology tools are now available at realistic prices which we can use to create individualized and personalized learning environments which can meet the needs and interests of each and every student. This Mastery Learning Project is a step in the same direction that American education is heading. Watch the video to the right to hear Nick Donohue speak about the American public system of education: Where it is today, where it needs to go, and how we can get there.

    How will success be measured?

    Success will be measured through a variety of methods some of which are listed below:
    • Increased attendance rates
    • Increased course completions
    • Increased graduation rates
    • Increased assessment scores (MAP, ISAT, SAT, ACT)
    • Decreased behavioral issues  
    Watch these videos: 
    In Changing Paradigms Sir Ken Robinson
    challenges the way we're educating our children.
    He says: "The current system of education
    was designed and conceived and structured for a
    different age."