How will it work?

  • Does the student need to physically attend school?

    Yes, a student will need to attend the on-campus portion for a period of time to interact with mentors and peers. This time may vary dependent upon the student's demonstration of maturity and mastery of subjects.

    Will attendance be taken?

    Yes, attendance will be taken through students visiting mentors as well as through logging of online class-related activity.

    What happens if my child does not finish his/her class?

    There is no time limit on classes in mastery-based learning. Students can begin where they left off at the end of a semester and work until they demonstrate mastery. "Learning is the constant, time is the variable!"

    What kind of safeguards will be in place to ensure my student stays on target?
    What do you do for the kids that need the “pressure” put on them?

    Mentors will communicate with students regularly to discuss student progress and/or contact parents if needed. Students will be able to monitor progress through the use of their online Personalized Learning Platform (PLP). Parents can instantly access student information through digital devices such as cell phones, computers, and tablets.

    Will my student get to pick what classes he/she wants to take?
    Yes. The blended learning environment enables our schools to provide even more opportunities for our students than the traditional setting.

    Will all classes be done digitally? What about PTE?

    Not all classes can or will be done digitally. Only those classes for which this method of learning is appropriate will be "blended". The increased flexibility created by blended learning can enable increased professional and technical opportunities.
    What if my student doesn't want to do blended learning?

    They can choose to do face-to-face on campus learning, if this suits them best.

    My child needs to learn good social behavior. Will there still be student interaction and group work? How will you ensure my child does not isolate him/herself?

    Collaboration and group work are an essential part of a blended learning classroom. Teacher mentors will continually monitor students to ensure they are receiving the proper balance of individual and group work.

    Is home internet access required?
    Students can access the internet in various locations such as libraries, coffee shops, and restaurants. Students can also perform some of their work while offline. Home access to the internet will make it easier for students to move at their own pace.
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