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    Donors Choose is a crowdfunding source.

    Here are some special opportunities from Donors Choose:

    1. Grand for Team Sports!  
      THE DICK’S Sporting Goods Foundation is sponsoring a half-off campaign for team sports projects. Check out all the details about this opportunity, talk to the coaches at your school, and post a team sports project today! (Note: This match-offer will not be applied to projects requesting team sports equipment for physical education classes or recess) There is no limit to the number of projects you can post for this opportunity.

    2. Student led projects!
      Student-led Projects: You can now post a project on that your students have written.  Even better, ALL student-powered projects are being half-funded by Think It Up! (That means that Think It Up will fund half the total cost of your project after citizen donors provide the first half.) To qualify, collaborate with your 7th-12th grade students to create a student-led learning project by following these instructions. You’ll see the Think It Up half-off match offer logo on your students’ project as soon as it goes live. We can’t wait to see what your students come up with! There is no limit to the number of projects you can post for this opportunity.

    3. Professional Development   Professional Development can now be funded through Donors Choose

    4. Other various times to watch for- Early August Bill and Melinda Gates fund many projects, Mid April- always a promotion and most of all Fuel Up Your Schools- last year the end of September.