Lego Wall of Awesome

  • I would first like to give credit to Diana Rendina.  She is a media specialist/school librarian at Stewart Middle Magnet School in Tampa, FL.  I came across her blog Renovated Learning and was immediately hooked reading about her journey of creating a Makerspace in her school.  She is an amazing educator and because of her awesome blog and free sharing of ideas, her Epic Lego Wall design is now a reality in my all-day Kindergarten classroom.  The dream is to one day host an after school program in my room where all students can participate in making their dreams come true through learning. 

First plate level and on the wall!
  • I wanted to share this story because I think it speaks to why creating learning spaces like this is so important in all schools today.  All of my students were super excited about our Lego wall but none more than this little guy.  He is my builder.  He is my student who takes our Cubelets and in a short period of time creates something amazing that works and has a purpose (see Fight Bot below).  He made signs to hang on our wood frame during his free choice time that said "Don't break our Lego Wall" and "Be Careful".  He sat in front of the frame and asked me all kinds of questions about "Why is this here?" and "How will the plates stick?" and (as he walked out about 5 feet to show) "Do you think I can build a building out this far Ms. Ruoff?"

    We had to discuss how many sleeps it would be until Monday was here and we could all use our new Lego wall.  Teaching is a hard job.  The thought of 20 kids who can't wait to come to school on Monday makes it all worth it.  

  • Cubelets + Lego Wall =Love

    Posted by Alison Ruoff on 3/31/2016

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  • LEGO Waterfall

    Posted by Alison Ruoff on 2/19/2016

    We made a Waterfall


    Oh how I love the LEGO wall.  This is their waterfall they created together.  There is a story as the water is coming from the city above.  They were so proud.  This waterfall and the look on their faces made my day.  

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  • First Week with the LEGO Wall

    Posted by Alison Ruoff on 2/8/2016

    This past with the LEGO wall was amazing.  The first thing I did was add the LEGO wall into our center rotation so everyone could get a chance to experiment and build.  The first thing I noticed was something interesting with my own 5th grade daughter.  


    One of the perks of being a teacher is that my kids come to school with everyday.  It can also be a little tough for them as they have to come with me to the school when I work on the weekends.  In all of the years that Isabella has been in my classroom, she has never been a big LEGO kid.  She would play with them occasionally, but always chose to do other things in the classroom.  The very first Sunday the wall was ready, she just sat down and built the all red pyramid.  She came back every morning and built something new.  When I asked her about why she was building with the LEGOs now she really didn't have a specific answer.  She said "I don't know mom....I guess because it's new and different?"  Her creations also inspired my little ones each morning as they thought some magical LEGO fairy came and made super awesome stuff on their wall.  

    I also enjoyed watching them like a colony of ants dismantle her creations and make them their own.  I wanted all of them just to explore and see where their learning went.  The big challenge was wanting to build tall structures away from the wall and how to do it.  I gave a little guidance but wanted to see how they work together.

    building stuff

    Building stuff


    We did a little mini challenge to see who could build the tallest structure from the wall.  Look who it was.

    Landon had the tallest structure!

    Stay tuned for more engineering challenges from us in the future.  Hooray for school and learning!

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  • It Really Happened!!

    Posted by Alison Ruoff on 1/31/2016

    It's finally done!  I decided to create a space to document all of our Lego wall adventures.  Stay tuned for more throughout the years.  

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