• Why is reading so hard?

    Reading can be struggle for many students, and often the reasons behind it are multifaceted. There are many layers to reading, such as phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension.  Reading Rockets has created a "Target the Problem" activity to help understand which area a student maybe struggling with.

     reading struggle

    This is so hard! I'll never be able to read..." 

    Often students can become frustrated and overwhelmed when reading is difficult. It can be hard to know how to help or support your student when this happens. Reading Rockets has created a "Put Downs and Comebacks" activity to help turn these self-defeating thoughts and feelings around.  


     struggling reader

    What can I do?

    It sounds too simple, but it truly makes all the difference in the world, reading everyday with your student. This not only gives students the chance to practice and develop their skills, but it also helps build their confidence. By sharing the reading experience, it builds positive memories and associations with books, AND it can be just plain FUN! With the right book, reading can take on a whole different tone. So grab a book today and dive into it with your student.  

     reading with student

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