100th Day of School and Engineering Marshmallow Challenge: Kentucky vs. Idaho

100 Day Bling
  • We celebrated our 100th day of school a little behind schedule on February 17th.  We do many 100 day activities but I thought I would highlight some of our favorites.

    In our Seesaw journals we talked about what we thought the world would be like in 100 years.  We had lots of interesting ideas including we will be as tall as mountains.  Every year the number scavenger hunt is always so successful.  I stick numbers 1 - 100 around the room (not inside anything but on walls, shelves, posters, the calendar, etc.) and the kiddos get a 100 chart and they need to color the number the correct color when they find it.  So fun!  We always manage to have a few numbers disappear forever and I've never had anyone find all 100 because Ms. Ruoff is so sneaky!!


    Our 100 day posters were very fun to share and they made a nice addition to our February wall.

    February wall

    Every year I have have groups use 100 marshmallows and 100 toothpicks to build a structure.  We added an awesome spin this year by challenging our Skype buddies in Ms. Ackerman's Kindergarten in Kentucky.  This engineering challenge has always been more about the process than the final product.  We talk a lot about how we can make it better, what works, what doesn't work, and how we can learn from our failures.  We always talk about how we can't eat the marshmallows too.  





    We decided that propping up against the wall or building flat an letting it dry was the best idea to get the tallest tower.  


    Some creations were mysteriously short a few marshmallows :)


    It was hard to not intervene when things didn't go as planned.  But we talked about what we do to persevere.  


    Finished products

    We learned a lot and they even requested round 2 to make them better.  We will Skype with Ms. Ackerman on Monday to compare towers and I will post the results here!  Hooray for the 100th day!  



Update: Monday, February 22nd

  • Skype call


    We had our Skype call with Mrs. Ackerman's Kindergarten kids today.  We loved seeing their structures and they measured each one for us.  We gave a round of applause after each measurement.  What a blessing this classroom has been to us over the school year.  One of our towers measured 6 inches and they had a tie with two 3 inch towers.  My class decided it wanted to do another round of marshmallow building and try to make their structures better.  We even had some journaling about it today in Kidwriting.  Stay tuned for another update after Marshmallow Tower Part 2 is complete!

    Journal 1

    journal 2

    journal 3