• It's our last week of packets. Also our last "full" week of school. School is out June 2nd and this week's packet has all the work you need to get you through the rest of the year. Tuesday is the only day to pick up a packet from 8am-4pm. Its also another chance to get your belongings/yearbooks/drop-off things from school. I have updated and attached the list of missing books from our classroom in this week's email. Please check your house for these books. For example, everyone was given a copy of the We the People book to take home but only 8-10 have been returned. These may be in backpacks or bedrooms. 
    In lieu of a a 5th grade celebration and assembly, we will be having a parade. We will be passing out 5th grade certificates at this time in addition to wishing you and your child farewell for the summer. More information will be sent out by Mr. Mura in the near future. 
    This week's packet contained a 2nd memory book. I did not realize this was happening until too late to object. Of course, the only reason I would object is that I have a small memory book for each student in my class to fill out that I will pass out on June 1st. If you and your child feel like 3 memory books is too much, skip the one in the packet and just do the one I send home( Yes, I AM biased). 
    Here on our class website you will find a few videos for math and science. Also, for those who are listening along to the read-aloud, the rest of the book will be posted by the end of the week. 
    Lastly, I am always asking the kids to share their work or what they are doing with me and getting few responses. So, it is only fair I do the same for them. If they care, you are welcome to show them the photos included in this week's email. (Maybe, this will encourage them to send me some or show some off Wednesday during our Teams meeting at 12: 30).