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     Binder Pockets


    We want to keep it simple and still have success!  Below is a sample of what binder should consist of:

    S.O.A.R. stands for Student Organizer and Resource. It is the way your child will stay organized at home and at school. The notebook contains valuable information that will be right at your child's fingertips. The S.O.A.R. notebook contains tabs where your child will organize his/her work by subject so that it can be easily found when needed. Other sections include;

    • Pocket folder for each class,  where your child will keep track of daily assignments, projects and upcoming tests or quizzes
    • Parent/teacher communication tab where you can write quick notes to me (I will check each morning)
    • Information tab where you will find classroom policies and procedures, my contact information, and the 4th grade specials schedule (PE, Music, Spanish & Art)

    Most importantly, the front of the S.O.A.R. notebook will contain your child's HOME folder. The right side of the folder is the "stay home" section. This is where students will put graded work and notes home. The left side of the folder is the "bring back" section. This is where students will put homework assignments and notes that must come back to school the next day. **Please check your child's HOME folder each night.