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    Unit 1: Overview of Civil Engineering and Architecture

    Unit 1 provides an introduction and overview to the past accomplishments within the fields of civil engineering and architecture as well as a brief introduction to careers within these fields.

    1.1 History of Civil Engineering and Architecture

    1.2 Careers in Civil Engineering and Architecture


    Unit 2:  Residential Design

    This unit of study introduces students to standard practice in the design of single family homes and provides an opportunity for students to develop a small single family home design that incorporates sustainable design practices as well as universal design features. Students will be introduced to building codes, wood-framed construction, cost of construction and the impact of construction materials and practices on the cost of energy for heating and cooling.

    2.1 Building Design & Construction

    2.2 Cost and Efficiency Analysis

    2.3 Residential Design


    Unit 3: Commercial Applications

    The design of commercial facilities includes multiple building systems and involves a wide range of engineering and architectural considerations. Students will learn about site considerations important to the function of the building and about common built-up systems that provide the building envelope such as walls and roofs. They will learn about the utilities and services that supply power, water, and communication services to the building.

    3.1 Commercial Building Systems

    3.2 Structures

    3.3 Service & Utilities

    3.4 Site Considerations

    Unit 4: Commercial Building Systems

    This unit will allow students to collaborate on the design and documentation of a small commercial facility as a member of a project design team. They will identify a development need within their community, investigate a potential site, develop a preliminary design, and document the design of the facility as a team. They will also present their design concept to a panel that will critique their design and offer feedback to the team related to their design and presentation.

    4.1 Commercial Building Design Problem

    4.2 Commercial Building Design Presentation