Digital Citizenship

digital citizenship
  • "We Can Be Good Digital Citizens!"

    What is a Digital Citizen?
    *Someone who knows how and works to be safe and smart online.
    *Someone who is honest online and respects copyright.
    *Someone who is kind and respectful to others online. 
    *Someone who protects their information and the information of others online. 
     For Kids:
    Click on the link below for an excellent kid friendly video clip on Digital Citizenship and Safety for kids. 

    Digital Citizenship Video for kids

    Click on the link below for a game format for kids to teach safety on the web:
    For Parents:
    Here is a great website with a ton of resources for parents, teachers, and kids.  It has a section on Digital Citizenship and Safety.
    District resources for parents on Digital Citizenship and Safety:
    Article for Parents on raising Digital Citizens:
    Parent Section on Common Sense Media for Privacy and Internet Safety of your child(ren)