Digital Citizenship & Safety

  • Citizenship and safety are two areas of concern that are addressed in the Computer Skills Lab.  Every person should have a solid background of knowledge and be competent in these areas to safely use the Internet and its vast resources.  

    Over these past months in the Computer Lab, students have been discussing ways to keep safe on the Internet. “Fortnite” is a popular game that often comes into our conversations. Do your students play “Fortnite”? Do they use the open chat and video features? Is their play time limited only to those people that they know in person? As adults in the care of children, it is important to understand the activities which hold so much of our kids’ time and interest. To that end, Common Sense Media is a website dedicated to educating students, their parents and educators about digital safety and popular digital trends.

    At Common Sense Media,  Frannie Ucciferri blogs about “Fortnite”, answering some of these important questions and more. Click the following link to learn about it:

Digial Citizenship with Annie and Moby by BrainPOP, Grades k-2

Digial Citizenship with Tim and Moby by BrainPOP, Grades 4