• General Stuff

    General width of pics on schoolwires should be no bigger than 650

    Video HTML code can be changed to alter size.  Remember to use proportions.  eg.  <iframe width="420" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/ryrXAGY1dmE" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
    Change the 420 and 315 to fit purposes.... 356 and 200 is a nice medium size.  178 and 100 is a nice small size for columns.
    Always have links show up in a new window.   
    Use powerpoint to edit videos, and save the pp as jpg. which will save each slide as an individual pic in a folder. 
    Use < > option in the assignments or other app directions tab to embed video.
    When selecting Embed code from YouTube,  click Show More, and leave only Viewer Control option checked.
    Save docs as PDFs for most document attachments so they can be accessed by anyone.   
    I have saved a Calendar excel tool in Meridian teaching to create a lost of events that can be entered in the second tab in a calendar app. 
     School Wires help site  http://help.schoolwires.com/Page/1405
    RSS feed will automatically import the particular app into students MyView as a list.  It can be announcements, calendar, or assignments.  Students will have to click the RSS and then immediately rename it on their MyView, as Ocean Calendar (just an example).
    Following a calendar will automatically add it to your planner on myview.
    ical will allow you to share a calendar with a mobile device. 
    Remind app
    You can embed a Remind announcements app.  On remind, click on a given class, click on more, click on widgets, click on copy (beside to desired class).  Open school wires site manager, go the page where you wish to land the app, create a new "embed code" app, paste the code....and done.
    Limit the number of announcements, by clicking the announcement app in question, choose options, limit those to be shown at any given time. 
    Soft enter shift + enter will always be single spaced, and no bullet point will be applied (if using bullet points) 
    cntrl  + v = paste
    cntrl + z = undo
    cntrl + c = copy
    cntrl + x = cut