FAFSA: Apply at fafsa.ed.gov

    The FAFSA is a free online application to apply for government financial aid. The aid is need based and not dependant on your grades or test scores. They award money in three different ways!

    •   Pell Grant- this is money that the goverment provides students and it does not have to be repaid! Eligable students will recieve a specific amount each year if they qualify for a Pell Grant.
    •  Federal Loan- this is also money the government provides students but is must be payed back with interest after the student graduates or leaves college.
    •  Work Study - provides work for a student with financial need to pay for expenses. Work study money is tax free!

    SCHOLARSHIPS: Is money given that can be local or national, and it does not have to be reapaid. You must apply for a scholarship and awards can be given based on many criteria! There are scholarships for gpa, essay writing, art/creative ablities, disablities or barriers, talents, and just about everything under the sun! Some applications can be lengthy and some are very short.

    PRIVATE LOANS: Banks and private institutions offer money for education, however this is usually used after one has exhausted all FAFSA options and scholarpship options becausethey often have high interest rates.
    Create a FSA ID before you start here!