• CALLING ALL Middle Schoolers!!! 

    One activity that we focus on is a great opportunity for ALL of our middle schoolers. These students do their best to earn more than 45,000 points online so that they can apply for FUTP60 summit. Summit is a program that allows students to fly to a designated leadership program conference to learn all about being fit and healthy with NFL players! It is an amazing opportunity and all of our students are encouraged to apply. Students can earn points by logging on and participating in many different health, fitness, and leadership activities listed on the website. Log On today and get those points rolling!

    For more information click HERE!

    More Questions? Come find Mrs. Janke for details or you can email her at janke.gina@westada.org.


    Some of our very own Victory Middle School Students have been selected over the years to attend the Summit Leadership Copnference!


    Blake Logsdon 2014-2015      Dylan Logsdon 2014-2015

    Blake and Dylan


    Sydney Roberts 2018-1019

    Sydney Roberts

    Who will be next???