Percussion Ensemble

Percussion Ensemble is a Fall Semester class that is required for all current percussionists, and open to any Rocky student that is interested in percussion. No prior experience is necessary.

  • 2018-19 Student Supplies

    Posted by QUENTIN DEWITT on 8/1/2018

    Percussion students must supply all of their own sticks and mallets. The list below builds on the collection that they should have started in middle school. If you have concerns, please contact Mr. DeWitt. 

    • High Fidelity Ear Plugs (worn at all rehearsals)
    • Chromatic Tuner & Metronome: You may use traditional devices or the "Tonal Energy" app.
      • Please note that all playing assessments are performed with a metronome, so regular practice with a metronome is required for success.
    • Neoprene Practice pad (12" is preferred)
    • Stick Bag, labelled with your name, containing the following
      • 1 pair Vic Firth Model SD1 snare stick or equivalent for daily technique and concert playing.
      • 1 pair Vic Firth M140 xylophone/bell mallet or equivalent
      • 2 pair Vic Firth M183 marimba/vibraphone mallets or equivalent
      • 1 pair Vic Firth T3 Staccato timpani mallets or equivalent
      • GMB Snares & Tenors use Vic Firth Model SRH Ralph Hardimon Snare/Tenor Sticks
      • GMB Bass Drums use Vic Firth Corpsmaster Bass Drum mallets
      • Jazz Band students will need 1 pair Vic Firth 7A drum sticks or equivalent and 1 pair Vic Firth Heritage Brushes or equivalent 
    • “Foundations for Superior Performance in Band” by Williams & King
    • “Exercises for Ensemble Drill” by Raymond Fussell
    • 2” 3-ring “D-style” binder with page protectors (black is preferred)
    • Pencil pouch with pencils & highlighters 

    Students will need these supplies specifically for Marching Band:

    • 1 Purple & 1 Gray GMB Shirt (Available from the Spirit Wear store until 7/29/2019)
    • School appropriate athletic clothing that permits comfortable movement.
    • Undergarments that provide support for strenuous movement (i.e. compressions shorts, sports bras, and similar)
    • Close-toed athletic shoes. No flip-flops.
    • Sunglasses
    • Hat
    • Sunscreen
    • Water jug (1 gallon is super handy)
    • Healthy snacks: We will take multiple breaks throughout the day. All members are expected to eat throughout the day to stay healthy. The best snacks are whole-grain and low in sugar and saturated fats. Examples of good choices include
      • Fresh or dried fruit
      • Dairy products like yogurt, cheese, and kefir
      • Nuts
      • Whole bread (PBJ is the bomb)
      • Whole grain snack crackers
    • 1 roll colored duct tape for marking drill dots
    • Large "beach towel" for morning yoga/pilates
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