Mrs. Kalbfleisch

Classroom Supply List

  • The district has generated a universal supply list for 2nd grade.  Some of the items they recommend will not be needed, so please read the following list carefully:



    Earbuds (or small headphone set would work too - for use with IPADS/Laptops.  This item is optional, as I have a few headphones, but not enough for the 10 additional IPADS that I have acquired)

    1 large box of facial tissue

    2 dozen #2 pencils, sharpened 

    1 set of water color paints 

    2 boxes of 24 ct. crayons

    1 pair scissors - pointed tip

    12 large glue sticks

    1 10 pack of colored pencils

    1 box of 10 multi-colored washable markers

    6  dry erase markers

    3 2 pocket folders (preferably red, yellow, green)

    2  wide ruled composition notebooks

    1 highlighter

    1 sock or dry erase eraser (for erasing individual students' dry erase boards)

    facial tissue

    Please do not bring a pencil tub/box, as I provide students with  a plastic container to store items in their desks.  We do not need AA batteries or hand sanitizer.