Junior Corner

  • Things for Juniors to Think About:

     1. Volunteering is a great opportunity to gain new skills and network in the field you might work in
    2. Start a small business to gain work experience
    3. Participate in a Summer Learning Programs to learn new things
    4. Go to Summer Camp 
    5. Get a Job: Work experience looks great on a resume!
    6. Find an internship to see if that field interests you or not?
    7. Create a positive social presence and remember you are leaving evidence of who you are all over social media, so make it positive!
    8. Visit colleges and get great information, a feel for the climate of that college and network!
    9. Get prepared to take SAT/ACT because they do matter, and you can improve your performance.
    10. Keep Grades Up! This is important because these grades matter to your future.
    11. Participate, participate, participate.. Get involved in things.