• If you want to cover your math journal to decorate it, here are the instructions! This is optional, and is just meant for fun.


    You will need:

    • Composition Book
    • Glue
    • 3 pieces of 12x12 scrapbook paper (cardstock doesn't work very well for this). Two of the three pieces of paper should match (these pieces will be the outside of the journal) and the third piece of paper should coordinate with the other 2 pieces (this piece will be the inside of the covers).
    • Paper trimmer, or scissors and a ruler to measure and cut the paper.

    what you'll need


    1. Cut your paper to these dimensions:

      • Front and back cover: 12″x8″  Both sides will needs their own paper cut to this size, save scraps for later (this will be done from the two pieces of matching 12x12 paper)
      • Inside: 6″x8.5″  Again, you’ll need 2 of these for both the front and back insides, these can come from the same piece of 12×12 paper (this will be done using the third piece of 12x12 paper)
      • Inside strips: 1″x9 3/4″  Again, cut 2 of these pieces.  I use the scraps from the front and back cover to make these strips
    2. Place glue strips, or glue, along entire border of front cover of journal, leaving out the black strip on the side.  *note, if using glue strips, you don't need a solid line of the glue strips, you can space them out every 1-1/5 inches to save on supplies.glue strips
    3. Place one of your cut out cover pieces over the top of the journal, leaving as close the same amount hanging off the top and bottom as you can.  The paper will be wider than the journal as well.cover
    4. Open journal up and fold in corners.  After making crease, open back up, place more glue strips in corners, then stick them back down. (*note  It really helps if you make the crease on ALL folds before gluing them down!)fold top and bottomfold side
    5. Fold and glue in the top and bottom edges first, the fold and glue the side edge in.
    6. Put Glue strips along border of inside paper (measuring 6×8.5) and place inside of journal.  *note, if you want to round the corners of this piece, it actually looks better, I just didn’t have one on hand!)inside page
    7. Glue inside strip next to crease in journal.  Do NOT put it too close to the crease or it will fold when you close the journal, if you line it up with the black line printed on the journal cover it works out great! 
    8. Repeat steps 2-7 on the back cover of the composition book!

      backback inside

      And there you have it!  

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