• Weekly Spelling Tests

    Students will have a spelling test every Tuesday, unless otherwise notified. They will be responsible for completing their spelling packet every week and submitting it on Tuesday before their test. This will be the only regular homework.

    Book Projects and Presentations

    Students will have 5 book projects throughout the school year. They must completely read a book that is at least 150 pages in length and then do a project with a presentation to the class. A bank of approved projects is available here or in the classroom. If a student is interested in completing a different project about their book, then it must be discussed and approved a week or more before the project due date. The book project and presentation due dates are on the 5th Grade Information Sheet which is located here and in the student binder (red folder)

    Star Scientist

    Students will be completing one science project at home throughout the school year and then doing a short presentation about their experiment. A folder with ideas, and a template for the science report will be sent home a few weeks before their chosen due date. Here are additional copies of the paperwork.

    Science Project Ideas (this is not an exhaustive list)

    Star Scientist Report

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Current Assignments

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