As many of you are aware, we have experienced recent cutbacks of class fees that traditionally supported this class.  I would greatly appreciate any and all support to make this class a success for our students.  Due to the nature of my classes, there are many consumable items that we use on a regular basis. There are a variety of ways available to contribute to our classroom needs.


    • pampered chef Pampered Chef Class Fundraiser - Every order placed helps get cooking equipment for our classroom.  I will be setting up a link to a class fundraiser this fall, and further information will follow.


    • donors choose  Donors Choose Grants -   What a wonderful community of learners we have in our classroom this year!  I'm so excited to help our students learn and grow.  I have registered our clasroom on DonorsChoose.org, an amazing website where individuals can contribute to public schools.  Throughout the year, I will post requests for resources that will help make your child's time at school even more engaging dynamic, and enriching.  Please spread the word about our classroom page (and contribute if you can)!  https://www.donorschoose.org/Mrs.BarbaraCarr     


    • The Education Foundation of the West Ada School District – a monetary donation may be designated to our specific classroom (ie – Mrs. Carr – Heritage Middle School FCS). These are tax deductible donations! Please find more details on the district webpage or inquire at the office.


    • Donated classroom supplies – Specific supplies are always appreciated. I have listed items below that we could use currently in the classroom. Please understand that there are specific items that we use regularly and I will update this list frequently. We are happy to supply you with a receipt of your donation for tax purposes! 

          Current Supply Needs:  

    •       9x12 felt squares for hand sewing projects (variety of colors)  
    •       New dish cloths for kitchen labs (colors: blue, green, yellow, red)                                       
    •       Cotton and flannel fabric for machine sewing projects ( 1 yard minimum,  whole bolt preferred)
    •       New pot holders/mitts for kitchen labs (colors: blue, green, yellow, red)
    •       New dish towels for kitchen labs (colors: blue, green, yellow, red)
    •          Liquid laundry soap for kitchen labs
    •       Recycled grocery bags for garbage bags in kitchen labs
    •       Sewing Thread - white / black - for machine sewing projects
    •       DMC Embroidery floss - white / black for handsewing projects
    •       DMC Embroidery floss - assorted solid colors for handsewing projects
    •       Quilters sewing pins & embroidery needles for hand sewing projects
    •       Ziplock bags (sandwich, quart, gallon sizes) for sewing kits & projects
    •       Assorted buttons - used for sewing projects
    •       Staple cooking supplies are always appreciated! (flour, sugar, brown sugar, baking soda, baking powder, cooking spray, etc.)


          Donated gift cards- Gift cards to stores where I regularly purchase items used in the classroom are also another great way to assist in our needs. Currently those stores include: Joann’s Fabric, Craft Warehouse, Michaels, Albertsons, Fred Meyer & Walmart. Again, we are happy to supply you with a receipt of your donation for tax purposes!


    • Class volunteer – From time to time, I will have multiple projects that parent volunteers can assist with – both in and out of the classroom. If this is something that interests you, please contact me via email and I will add you to my volunteer list.


    As always, I am so grateful for our wonderful parents and students and all that you do for our school!  I really appreciate all assistance in helping make your child's experience in my classroom a great one.