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    Please answer the question by typing your choice from the word list. Type the word(s) EXACTLY as you see listed. 

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    1. Guest Wi-Fi training.
      - Logging in
      - Login page URL/Address - Lightspeed Filter Login: http://lsaccess.me/login
      - Questions
    2. Calendar
      - Accessing shared Computer Lab calendar
    3. PowerTeacher & PowerTeacher Gradebook
      - Logging in to PowerTeacher (https://ps.westada.org/teachers/home.html)
      - Launching the Gradebook
      - (Setting up the Gradebook)
      - Questions
    4. SchoolWires (school website)
      - Logging in
      - Posting documents
      - Creating links
      - Questions
    5. OneDrive
      - Getting into OneDrive
      - Shared documents
      - Calendar document / list of dates for website
      - Questions