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  • American Government


    American Government

    In this class we will be looking at how our government started, elections and the branches of government. You will also gain an understanding of how government affects you as a person. 

    Civics Test Practice enrollment codes

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    If you are gone you are able to get note from your government buddy when you return. To keep up you may read your book. Below is an outline of our semester schedule, be sure to check the in class calendar as well days may change.

    Semester 1- We will have CAP's every Friday so there may be gaps in dates  

    Unit 1 Origins

    8/26/27- D1- Welcome, rule and syllabus, Letter To Self Assignment

    8/28/29- D2- Review Syllabus, Better Conversation Assignment Syllabus

    8/30 9/3- D3- CAP Project introduction, we will present CAP's every Friday- CAP Packet APA Citation Guide  How to write a thesis CAP Outline

    8/4/5- D4- Voter registration, Citizenship Review Civics test link is at the top of this page

    9/6/9- D5- Is it a state? Origins of a State notes, skits- pg 4-7 

    9/10/11- D6- Quiz 1.1, present skits, Philosophers organizer, primary source readings, notes pg 7-8

    9/12/17- D7- Forms of Government notes, Ice Cream activity- pg 12-18

    9/16-19- D8- Create a Government, presentations- pg 12-18 Quiz 1.2

    9/23/24- D9- D of I Primary Source

    D10-Articles of Confederation, Creating the Constitution pg-55-70

    D11- Constitution Research, Constitutional Convention packet, Meet & Greet, Speech Cheat Sheet

    D12- Quiz 2.1, Federalist and anti federalists, Convention time pg 68 & pg 90-94

    D13- Constitution Persuit

    D14- Constitution Scavenger Hunt

    D15- Bill of Rights, 6 principles and Unit 1 Study Guide pg 83-88

    D16- Unit 1 Test Practice for the Test

    Unit 2 Voting

    10/15 &, political parties notes pg 502-517

    10/16-23- Project time 

    10/28 & 29-D23-Quiz 2.1, voting rights and suffrage, Campaign Packet, Lobbyist Packet, Media Packets pg 432-440

    10/30 & 31-D24- Voters and Voting behavior, Campaign work time pg 440-457

    11/6 & 7-D25- Election Process, campaign work time pg 518-527 & pg 545-554

    11/11 & 12-D26- Electoral College, Campaign work time pg 97 & pg 528-544

    11/13& 14-D27- Quiz 2.2, Media Notes, Campaign work time pg 458-495

    11/18 & 19-D28- Study Guide, Campaign and Debate Day

    11/20& 21-D29- Unit 2 Test Unit 2 Study Guide

    Make up campaign assignment- Election Alternate Assignment

    Unit 3 Executive

    D30- Roles of the President read page 200-206

    D31- Hats off assignment in class

    D32- Qualifications and succession succession assignment pg 200-210

    D33- Electoral College in class reading and notes 

    D34- Formal and Informal Powers Political Cartoon Assignment Quiz 3.1, pg 211-231

    D35- Expanding Presidential Powers cartoons

    D36- Presidential Trading Cards Trading card assignment 

    D37- Quiz 3.2 Bureaucracy & Foreign Policy pg. 236-241 & pg 261-293

    D38- Taxes, Executive Department and Independent Agencies pg. 242-260 

    D39- Unit 3 Test 

    D40- President Trading Card Madness Begins

    D41- President Trading Card Finish


    D42- EOC Review

    Semester 2- We will be doing CAP's every Friday

    Unit 4 Legislative Branch

    D1- Rules and Syllabus recap, CAP CAP assignment , Congress Notes pg 128-146

    D2- Powers of Congress notes pg 147-169

    D3- Quiz 4.1, Committees notes pg pg 170-181

    D4- How a bill becomes a law notes, EOC Study Guide pg 182-194

    Unit 5 State & Local

    D5- State Gov pg. 614-644 Legislative Scavenger Hunt  Idaho Legislative Expedition

    D6- Local Gov pg.645-670 What level of gov pictionary 

    D7- Letter to a Government Official Write to your Government 


    Unit 6 Judicial 

    D8- Structure of Judicial Branch Federal Court ws

    D9- Structure Notes pg. 298-305

    D10- Justice Research Supreme Court Justices

    D11- Justice Presentations 

    D12- Types of courts pg.313-319 and Where Would the Case Go activity. 

    D13- Mock SCOTUS Justice Packet Religion_Michelle Case Search_Alex and Mike Case Speech_Lisa Case

    D14- Marbury vs Madison Marbury v Madison Cartoon pg. 306-307

    D15- Civil Rights and Civil Liberties pg. 326-384

    D16- Civil Rights Civil Liberties pg. 326-384

    D17- Mock SCOTUS

    D18- Supreme Court notes and Landmark Cases pg.308-311 

    D19-  Finish Landmark cases, Study Guide, SCOTUS time, Homework check 6.2

    D20-  Unit 6 Test, SCOTUS time 

    D21 & 22-Mock SCOTUS 


    D22- EOC Study Guide

    D23- EOC Review