Welcome to Math 8!

  • The entire West Ada district has begun using the CPM Curriculum which focusses on Collaborative Learning, Problem-Based Learning, and Mixed, Spaced Review, the top three practices that not only help students better understand mathematical concepts but truly prepare them for the modern workforce which demands critical thinking, flexibility, and teamwork. 


    To access the ebook: ebooks.cpm.org

    To access the homework: homework.cpm.org

    For help: Parent Guide

    District Recommended Help: West Ada Middle School Math Help


    Official Class Description:

    This is the Idaho State Standards Math class for 8th-grade students. Its focus is to build the requisite conceptual understanding of irrational numbers, exponents, functions, geometry, statistics and probability, and the correct application of mathematical expression and equations to describe the above and solve real-world problems. The goal of this course is to expand on the proportional reasoning learned in 7th grade to develop an understanding of linear relationships. This is achieved through exploration, problem-solving, and real-world applications.  Students will also be working to develop their problem-solving skills and understanding how mathematics applies to the real world.

    Grade Breakdown: 

    90% Progress Checks (Tests)

    10% EOC/Final

    0% Practice (homework is not calculated into the final grade, but students need the practice in order to understand the material)

    **Please Note: Any assignment (Progress Check or Practice Practice) not turned in on the due date, left incomplete, or not of good quality will be marked as missing and a corresponding grade of 0 will be entered (where applicable) until completed by the student.  For more on the grading policy please see the VMS Common Grading Policy Document:  https://tinyurl.com/VMSgrading

    Class Structure: 

    Class is structured so that it uses collaborative learning, problem-based learning, as well as mixed, spaced practice. That all means that students will be working in groups to solve and discuss contextual problems. Students will investigate and understand math concepts by working through carefully sequenced problems with appropriate teacher support and guidance. 

    Students will work with their group members to solve select problems. As students are working the problems I will be circulating the room monitoring students’ progress through the problems and providing guidance and help as needed. The class will then use these problems as a basis for class discussion that will end in students recording notes they can use to complete their individual practice. Individual practice will be given out as a packet for each section of the textbook (each chapter has 1-3 sections and these align with the Progress Checks). Students are encouraged to work on relevant problems from the practice at the same pace we cover them in class (specific problem numbers will be listed on the daily agenda in the classroom and posted on the online class calendar). Whenever possible, the day before a Progress Check, students will be given time in class to finish their practice packet and ask questions they still have. More details can be found on the Math 8 Classroom Expectations, Policies & Procedures page.