• To access the textbook: www.mathematicsvisionproject.org


    Class Description: Students will primarily focus on learning about functions, systems of equations/inequalities and connecting algebra to geometry. The nine total modules (units) we will cover throughout the year will be as follows: Sequences, Linear & Exponential Functions, Features of Functions, Equations & Inequalities, Systems of Equations & Inequalities, Transformations & Symmetry, Congruence/Construction & Proof, Connecting Algebra & Geometry, and Modeling Data.  All of the units and lessons used in class can be found for free by clicking here.


    Grade Breakdown: ***Grading Policy Coming SOON!!!***

    **Please Note: Any assignment (Assessment, quiz, or homework) not turned in on the due date, left incomplete, or not of good quality will be marked as missing and a corresponding grade of 0 will be entered (where applicable) until completed by the student.  For more on the grading policy please see the VMS Common Grading Policy Document:  https://tinyurl.com/VMSgrading


    Class Structure: This class is structured so that it uses collaborative learning, problem-based learning, as well as mixed, spaced practice. That all means that students will be working in groups to solve and discuss contextual problems. Students will investigate and understand math concepts by working through carefully sequenced problems with appropriate teacher support and guidance. 

    Students will begin class by checking the previous day’s practice work and then after a short introduction, students will work with their group members to solve select problems (called tasks). As students are working the problems I will be circulating the room monitoring students’ progress through the problems and providing guidance and help as needed. The class will then use these problems as a basis for class discussion that will end in students recording notes as they see fit which they can use to complete their individual practice. If there is enough time in class students will be able to begin working on their individual practice, but if there is not, students are expected to complete their practice at home. Homework will be given as a packet, called a Ready, Set, Go (RSG) that will be collected on the day of a quiz or test.

    There will be a module test as well as at least one quiz over the material. Daily homework will be reviewed the next day at the START of class. Once we have worked through the material we will have roughly three days of review before the individual test. This review will consist of taking a practice test within student groups, an opportunity to go over graded homework and questions that have come from the homework, and a review activity.

    Students grades will consist of quizzes, team tests, chapter tests, a semester final and an optional portfolio that can replace the grade for team tests if a student chooses to create one at the end of the semester.