• Unit 4: Asia

    Journal 1 – If you could spend the day with one living person that you have never met, who would it be? Why did you choose this person? Be specific. If you could spend the day with one person from history that is not living, who would it be? Why did you choose this person? Please be specific. 

    Journal 2 – If you could have one super-power, what would it be? What would you use this power to do?

    Journal 3 – List three things you know about Asia. What do you know about Gandhi and India?

    Journal 4 – What is the difference between civil disobedience and passive resistance? What is the caste system and how does it work?

    Journal 5 – Who are the Rohingya? Why was the Great Wall of China built? What was China’s One Child Policy? Who was Genghis Khan?

    Journal 6 – What is the Great Firewall? Is China still a Communist country? Why does everything seem to be made in China?

    Journal 7 – What area of land did China lease to Britain for 99 years? How has that worked out?  What is the Yakuza? What do you know about Japanese Internment Camps?

    Journal 8 – What is communism? What were the Killing Fields and the Khmer Rouge? What did the United States claim to be fighting against in Vietnam?

    Journal 9 – What are two things you learned about Asia during this unit? Does China produce inexpensive or cheap products? Who is considered to be the largest land conqueror in human history?

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  • Unit 3: Africa

    Journal 1 – List three things you already know about Africa. Is Africa developed or developing? Why? How many countries are in Africa?

    Journal 2 – What are the three main causes for Africa’s developing status that we discussed during our last class What is Apartheid? Who was Nelson Mandela?

    Journal 3 – Where and when did Apartheid take place? Did you think about your water use since last class? Were you successful in taking a one minute shower?

    Journal 4 – How is genocide different from a mass shooting? How does the United States often respond to conflicts in Africa today?

    Journal 5 –Who or what is the Boko Haram? Who or what are the Janjaweed? Who did the Belgium favor, the Hutu or the Tutsi? Why?

    Journal 6 – Who are the Interahamwe? Who are the Hutu’s fighting against? Why are they fighting? Is Paul Rusesabagina a Hutu or a Tutsi?

    Journal 7 – How would you define slavery? Can someone be “enslaved” but still get paid? Are there slaves in the world today? If so, where? How does modern slavery compare with historical slavery in the United States?

    Journal 8 – Who or what is considered to be a man’s best friend? Who or what is considered to be a woman’s best friend? What type of ring is typically purchased for a marriage engagement? What does a diamond represent?

    Journal 9 – What is a conflict or blood diamond? How does the sale of conflict diamonds increase human rights abuses? In what ways has American culture been affected by diamond advertising and the role of diamonds? What company is the largest diamond supplier?

    Journal 10 –Most of countries in Africa have socioeconomic struggles and are classified as developing countries. What are three main reasons why?

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  • Unit 2: Middle East

    Journal 1 – What do you think about when the Middle East is mentioned? What do you know about the culture of the Middle East? Where is the Middle East?

    Journal 2 – Why is Mesopotamia referrd to as the Fertile Crescent? Who was Muhammad? What were some things about his life that we discussed during our last class? What are the five pillars of faith? 

    Journal 3 – What are the two divisions in Islam? Why is there a division? What is an international organization? What were the seven things Muslims were required to do on their pilgrimage to Mecca?

    Journal 4 – Write down an International Organization we studied last class. What is the purpose of the one you chose? Why are Palestine and Israel fighting with one another?

    Journal 5 – What do you know about the Arab Spring? What is a refugee? What is the difference between a refugee and an immigrant? Who is the currently leader of Syria? How did he gain power and who is he fighting against? What does the acronym ISIS stand for?

    Journal 6 – Should the United Startes commit to air strikes against Assad? Why or why not? Should the United States should admit Syrian refugees? Why or Why not?

    Journal 7 – Why did Iran take American hostages in 1979? How many days did the crisis last? How many hostages were taken and held? What was the role of the Shaw of Iran? What is a Kurd? Are the Kurd's friend or foe to the United States?

    Journal 8 – If you could visit one location in the Middle East, where would it be and why do you want to visit there?

    Journal 9 – Have you ever considered joining the military? What is Al Qaeda? The Taliban? ISIS? What do you know about Osama Bin Laden?

    Journal 10 – Write down one thing you knew or thought about the Middle East prior to beginning this unit. Write down three things you learned or now know about the Middle East.

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  • Unit 1: Foundations

    Journal 1– How many elements of culture will we study this unit? How many languages do you speak? What is ethnocentrism and what problems might it cause?

    Journal 2 – Social Organizations: 1. Which social organization are you involved with? Why? 2. Which social organization do you want to get involved with? Why 

    Customs and Traditions: 3. What is a custom or tradition you currently practice? Do you enjoy it? 4. What is a custom or tradition you want to practice or start? Why?

    Language: 5. What language would you like to learn to speak? Why?

    Arts and Literature: 6. What is your favorite book, magazine, and/or website? 7. Who is your favorite author or artist? Why? 8. Are you creative? If yes, give me an example… If no, draw a picture of yourself…

    Journal 3 – What is government? How does it affect and impact our lives? What would your change about our current government? Write down as many forms of government you know.

    Journal 4 – How many different forms of government did we study? Can you name them? What document helps guide our government and is considered the law of the land? What amendments to this document are you aware of and why?

    Journal 5  List two things you believe you can’t live without. Does religion play a significant role in your life? Do you believe religion has played a significant role in world history?

    Journal 6 – What is the definition of religion? Is religion God’s creation to reach man or man’s creation to reach God? Write down one thing you now know about each of the following religions: Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, and Islam.

    Journal 7 – How would you define economics? What goods and services do you think should take priority to be produced? Do you want to be self employed or work for a company? Are your parents self-employed?

    Journal 8 – How many different economic systems did we study? Can you name them? What are key factors that make a country developed?

    Journal 9 – How do you feel about the future of the country? How do you feel about the future of education? How do you feel about your future?

    Journal 10 – Write down one thing you know and one thing you want to know about each of the following: government, economics, and religion.

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