• Welcome to German Class





    Instructor:  Frau Hurt

    Room Number 211

    Course: German I

    Phone Number: 350-4340



    I am excited to get to know you and share my passion for foreign language with you.  I plan on having a memorable and successful year of learning.









    Supplies Needed for German Class:


    ü  Pencil and Pen

    ü  3 Red Pens for correcting

    ü  Paper

    ü  Composition Book (for daily journal)

    ü  Separate German folder with pockets

    ü  German-English Pocket Dictionary (recommended)

    ü  1 Pack of 12 colored pencils (a larger pack of pencils is fine!)








    ü  Come to class on time.

    ü  Bring a good attitude!

    ü  Bring all supplies every day.

    ü  Start your journal as soon as you enter the classroom.

    ü  Restroom is for emergencies only.

    ü  Be positive, productive, polite, respectful and helpful in all of your actions.






    Foreign Language requires practice- just like a sport.  You don’t learn by watching someone else do it.  Expect some homework every night.









    Late work policy:  You may earn up to 70% credit for work turned in late.  Late work is due by the end of each Chapter.  The day we take the test for a chapter is the last day you may receive 70% credit.  You may receive up to 50% credit for late work turned in within the quarter but after the chapter is over with.  No late work accecpted the last week of each quarter.


    100-90 = A

       89-80 = B

       79-70 = C

       69-60 = D


    Journal= 10%

    Daily work* = 30%

    Homework= 10 %

    Quizzes and Tests= 40%

    EOC = 10 %


    *Daily work includes:

    ü  Speaking

    ü  Listening

    ü  Writing

    ü  Reading