• What students will be able to do by the end of this unit? 









    • I can comprehend daily routinesactivities and events. 
    • I can understand personal opinions about activities and tasks.  
    • I can comprehend when a signer uses FINISH in a when clause. 
    • I can understand turn-taking strategies in conversations. 
    • I understand the use of element classifiers. 
    • I can understand the difference between concept and context. 
    • I can communicate about daily routines, activities and events. 
    • I can express opinions about activities and tasks. 
    • I can communicate using element classifiers. 
    • I can sign noun/verb pairs. 
    • I can use spatial organization in my conversations. 
    • I can use turn taking strategies in conversations. 
    • I can communicate the difference between concept and context.  
    • I can communicate fluent.  
    • I can sign daily routines. 
    • I can sign descriptive vocabulary for telling about weekend activities, short trips and events. 
    • I can sign various opinions when expressing the activity/ task/ event. 
    • I can sign sequencing activities by using the sign FINISH in a when clause. 



    • I can describe weather and different forms using element classifiers.  
    • I can sign disrupted plans. 
    • I can sign sentences that show concept vs context.