"It is just one recess, but it is a life-changer"  Jennifer Stoor 

     400,000 miles in 15 years and $38,000 in one year built an amazing track for our future!  Thank you to our former Pacer kids, motivating teachers and the following sponsors for paving the way for our future.
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     Voodoo Imagery for this special drone video!
    "My 2nd grader lost over 20 pounds!"  A father
     "My daughter has a new found confidence!"  A mother
    "Our doctor told us that the asthma could control his life or we could control the asthma."  A mother
     "I used to be considered a nerd, but now I'm an athlete!"  A 5th grade boy
    "I have found friends on the track and don't have to worry about being bullied."  A 4th grade girl
    "My son has been able to stay focused on the track and his behaviors have been positive."  A mother
     "My students come back from Pacers, energized  and ready to learn."  A teacher
     "I love Pacers!  I enjoy meeting each student as they reach their 25 mile goal.  They come and sign my Pacer Coat!"  Mrs. Crowley
    Pacers are the culture of Ponderosa.  Every day I hear a story about a student who is touched by this program by a teacher, my principal, a parent or by them.  Every single one of these stories are the reasons I was inspired to find a way for a better track, a track that can continue to change lives during one recess.