• DUE TO MANY PANICKY EMAILS, We have decided to add a few days to your assignment and the literary analysis will now be due on MAY 5, submitted to TurnItIn.com by midnight.  Be sure to check the TEAMS page for CWI everyday, as there will be little assignments to help you with the writing process.

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  • Although grades for EHS are frozen, your grade for CWI has yet to be determined.  The final paper you do for your Literature Analysis on Lord of the Flies will be worth 20% of the final grade.  THe average of both semesters at EHS will make up the other 80%.  Please plan on doing your best job on the Lit. Analysis.  That means, right now you should be reading and annotating Lord of the Flies!

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  • CWI Dual Credit has extended the drop deadline to April 24th. This is a drop without penalty both financially and educationally. If a student needs to drop the course please have them complete the attached form and email it to dualcredit@cwi.edu.  

    CWI Withdrawl Form


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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments

Archetypes are everywhere

CWI - English 175 Literature and Ideas

  • ENGL 175 Course Syllabus

    This class is offered for concurrent credit through CWI.  Because it is a year-long course, registration does not occur until Spring Semester.  You will need approval by your teacher in order to take the class for credit - B or better in the class so far.  See AEM for more details.


    Below is a link for a PowerPoint that will walk you through the registration process, both for Fast Forward and CWI Dual Enroll.  

    Registration Powerpoint


    If you just need the basics:

    ENGL 175 - Literature and Ideas

    Eaton-Merkle (instructor)

    Spring 2020