• Welcome to room 219. In my learning labs, my goal is to provide you with support to master skills that will be taught in your general education classes as well as in life. My ultimate goal is to have you leaving middle school with the skills and confidence it takes to master high school. Being respectful, responsible, a friend and your best will assist you to succeed in my class as well as middle school. Welcome to my classroom.

    Direct instruction at your individual level will be approached to enhance your skills being taught in your general ed. English classes. These lessons will be provided to help gain more practice at these skills to help you succeed at mastering them over time. Students will be exposed to grade level curriculum and Common Core State Standards.

    Grades in the classroom will be based upon the anchor standards that are listed below. If you have any questions feel free to email me.



    English Labs:

    Within the English labs we will be working on individual goals as well as general education projects. This English lab is designed to work on both reading and writing goals. This lab is built into a four-week unit. The first week we will be working on our phonics, decoding and spelling with our rewards program. The second week we will use those skills to work on our fluency and our comprehension in our read naturally program. The third week is our writing week, we will work on the production and quality of our work using the Step Up to Writing program. Lastly we will take the fourth week to document our data and work in small group in the skillsets that we are seeing a larger need in.

    Units overall objectives:

    Week 1: Reading

    Curriculum: Rewards Program:

    Objective; Work on student’s phonics, decoding, and spelling skills.


    Week 2: Reading

    Curriculum: Read Naturally

    Objective: Work on student’s fluency and comprehension skills


    Week 3: Writing

    Curriculum: Step Up to Writing

    Objective: To increase student’s production and quality of writing.


    Week 4: Reading and Data Collection

    Curriculum: SRA

    Objective: To work on student’s independent reading levels in small groups


    Data Collection:  STAR Testing, fluency and writing.

    Objective: Checking and tracking student’s growth.


    Curriculum being used:


    Step Up to Writing Objectives:

    -Use Writing Process, inlcuding prewriting, organizing, drafting, revising, and publishing steps.

    -Writie Informational and Expository Text.

    -Write Story and Narrative Text

    -Revise Work using, feedback, checklists, and scoring guides.

    -Use a Variety of Sentence Structure, including simple, compound, and complex sentences.


    Rewards Objectives:

    -Rewards curriculum is designed to help students practice their phonics, spelling and decoding skills. 


    Read  Naturally Encore Ojectives:

    -Reading Fluency increases through repeated consistent reading.

    -Recognnize Main Idea, Detail, Vocabulary, Inferential, Short Answer, Literal and Summary Concepts.


    SRA Readin Laboratory 2a, 3a:

    -Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Fluency, Word Analysis, and Study Skills are increased through independent means.

    -Reinforces Specific Skills in which students may show a weakness

    -Interests Students in Reading and Enlarges Knowledge, using a wide array of quality factual and fictional selections. 





    Homework and Grading Policy:

    It is expected that assignments will be turned in by the established due date. It is expected that students will study and are prepared for assessments as scheduled.


    Grading Policy:

    Grades will be based on direct instruction driven classwork and assessments.

    English: Grammar & Usage 40%; Speaking and Writing 50%; Word Recognition and Spelling 10%.

    Reading: Listening and Reading Comprehension 50%; Vocabulary & Morphology 40%.