Candy Apple Orchard

Orchard Walk
  • We had so much fun at the Candy Apple Orchard in Emmett, Idaho.  Mr Burton and Mrs. Carol have a beautiful orchard of Rome, Red Delicious, and Golden Delicious apples.  The Goldens were some of the best apples I have ever tasted!  They take great card of their orchard and told the class how they thin out the branches to take care of the trees and to grow bigger apples.  Each student got to find and pick three apples to take home.  We also watched as Mr. Burton fired up their refurbished apple cider press from the 1800s.  It takes about 25 pounds of apples to make 1 gallon of cider.  The adults got to sample the cider and it was amazing.  The kiddos got to taste some pasteurized cider that was also very yummy.  They have a little store where Mrs. Carol sells her apple goods.  I will be going back with my own family this weekend.  I love these days with my students.  To be outside experiencing the beauty of Idaho in the fall with my class is something I always remember and feel grateful about.  Most of my students have never experienced a bus ride or going to an orchard so it is a very special time for the class, the mommies and daddies, and me.  Thanks for sharing your kiddos with me.  I am truly one lucky teacher.