• Victory Middle School FUTP60 Student Leadership team

    The FUTP60 committee and Vitory Middle School Staff selects a certain number of 6th, 7th and 8th grade students that consistently demonstrate strength in leadership ability in all aspects of school including: academic, social, fitness, and making healthy choices. This team of students help make key decisions regarding what FUTP60 activities are put on in school, help out with ensuring equipment is brought out and put back each day, make announcements, and help out with all FUTP60 events. They are an integral part of the success of FUTP60 at our school. Some of the many activities they take part in and plan include:

    • Equipment duty every day - making sure equipment is set out and brought in
    • Daily advisory team meetings & planning
    • Planning out and leading Minute To Win It activities
    • Helping with assemblies
    • Participate in opportunities to earn $$$ for our school
    • Encouraging fitness and nutrition to our students, staff, and community
    • Help in earning a chance for an NFL player to visit our school
    • Managing our Mileage Club program during lunch break
    • Putting on community events
    • Volunteering within our community
    • And much more... 
  • Invited to attend NFL Jordan Babineaux assembly at BSU!

    Posted by Gina Janke on 5/16/2017

    These students were recognized for their contributions in helping lead victory middle school by promoting the importance of nutrition and fitness. They were invited to go on a field trip to Boise State University where NFL retired Seattle Seahawks Joran Babineaux flew in to Boise to speak about the Fuel Up to Play 60 program along with two Sea Gals and the Seahawks mascot, Blitz. Our students spent the day playing and learning how to be fit and healthy.

    Thank you Idaho Dairy Council for sponsoring this event! The students had a great time and it was amazing!

    Way to go team! 

    JB 1    JB 2

    JB 4

    JB 5

    JB 6

    JB 7

    JB 11

    JB 14

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  • School Breakfast Challenge - VMS is ready for 5 prize winners!

    Posted by Gina Janke on 3/6/2017
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  • Gearing Up for Mileage Club! Survey shows over 225 VMS students interested!

    Posted by Gina Janke on 3/3/2017
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  • Ultimate Smoothie Challenge accepted... competing state wide AND nationally!

    Posted by Gina Janke on 2/17/2017
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  • $4000 grant awarded to VMS through FUTP60

    Posted by Gina Janke on 1/2/2017
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  • Snowman Spin

    Posted by Gina Janke on 12/16/2016
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  • Mannequin Challenge

    Posted by Gina Janke on 12/9/2016
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  • Holiday Door Decorating Contest took 1st place!

    Posted by Gina Janke on 12/5/2016
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  • Equipment Expectation Video

    Posted by Gina Janke on 11/15/2016
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  • Leadership lessons taken online

    Posted by Gina Janke on 11/1/2016
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