Family Consumer Science 6th Grade Exploratory


    Exploratory Family and Consumer Sciences is a course designed to be offered to early adolescents. The course was designed to be an opportunity for self discovery and personal development. The emphasis of the course will be to develop knowledge and skills in the area of personal development, careers, clothing, family relationships, personal finances, personal living space, foods and wellness. 

    • Please Note:  Proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar are expected on all submitted work. Grades will reflect errors, however students can correct errors and resubmit


    • Please note:  As we all move forward in these tumultuous times, I want you to know that the FCS Department will be following CDC and District guidelines. (See the District Website for details.) "Flexible" is the name of the game right now, so I look forward to the new school year and whatever that may hold.  
      • Green: in-class instruction,
      • Yellow: limited or staggered-use classroom instruction, or
      • Red:  remote learning or virtual classrooms.

     Students: This doc requres a parent signature and is required for ALL students enable to cook in the department cooking labs. 

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    Agendas, or student calendars, have the daily Learning Targets and resources for each week.  They are posted in their Teams each week as well.

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