Family Consumer Science 1

  • Family Consumer Science 1 is the middle school intermediate course.  

    Students explore personal development, sewing and textiles, resource management, kitchen management, healthy food choices, and family/community relationships.  (This course is a prerequiste for FCS 2.) 


    ASSIGNMENTS DUE BEFORE THE COVID-19 SCHOOL CLOSURE - You can still complete these assignments and bring up your grade.  

    • For those of you who picked up your pillowcase and lost your instructions, you can find them here.... Your rubric can be downloaded through this link....  When completed, take 2 pictures and send them to me.  1 of the front and another inside of your pillowcase. Scan or take a picture of your rubric, and send that to me too. 
    • Values and Goal Setting
    • Parts of the Sewing Machine quiz:  You can retake this quiz until you reach mastery.  Email Mrs. King when you finish and she will confirm your score, and update the gradebook. 
    • Sewing Packet
    • Kitchen Safety and Sanitation


    ASSIGNMENTS DUE AFTER SCHOOL CLOSURE: I encourage you to complete these assignments!



    • Check the packet every week for activities!  We will be doing our "virtual" foods unit and so watch for cooking techniques and challenges!