• Financial Aid/FAFSA Resources
    Opens October first and can qualify you for grants, loans and work studies
    FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
     Step 1: Create a FSA ID at https://fsaid.ed.gov/npas/index.htm
     Step 2: Fill out the FAFSA at www.fafsa.gov
    Federal Student Aid: https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/

    Free FAFSA Help (800)433-3243


    Find scholarships using the following:
    ➢ School website <Click on Counseling and Career > College and Career > Scholarships
    Use a scholarship data base or search engine! This allows you to search for scholarships easily by building a profile or using a search bar to find scholarships you could qualify for!
    ➢ Independent companies, employers, clubs and organizations (check with your parents)
    ➢ Through college websites (department scholarships and matrix)
    ➢ State and local (see your college and career counselor for details)
    State and Local Level
    State Board of Education Scholarships: https://boardofed.idaho.gov/scholarships/
    Next Steps Idaho: https://nextsteps.idaho.gov/scholarships/

    Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE): www.wiche.edu/wue (if going out of state)
    ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corp): http://www.todaysmilitary.com/before-serving-in-the-military/rotc-programs



    Naviance is a college and career readiness software that  provides students with college planning and career assessment tools! Here are some examples of what you can do on Naviance. 

    Create a resume

    Explore colleges

    Request high school transcripts 

    Explore careers

    Take assessments to see what careers are a good fit for you

    SuperMatch on Naviance is a tool for using search criteria to find colleges that fit what you're looking for.


    Career Exploration
    Next Steps Idaho: Future Findr  https://nextstepsidaho.gov
    Naviance: Create a resume, explore careers, take an assessment, find scholarships and more!
    Go to district website > click Parent/Student tab > click Educational Apps > click Clever > Log in with this information:
    User name = school user name followed by @westada.org
    Password = school password
    Take career assessment under About Me>My Assessments or research careers
    Research Careers

    Idaho Professional Technical Education https://pte.idaho.gov/
    Career Atlas https://careeratlas.idaho.gov

    Research Majors
    Boise State Major Finder https://majors.boisestate.edu/

    University of Idaho Major and Career Exploration https://www.uidaho.edu/current-students/career-services/students-and-alumni/explore

    CollegeGrad.com Career Profiles https://collegegrad.com/careers


    College Entrance Exams ACT & SAT
    You can choose to take either on your own. Having a good score can help you get money for college.

    The College Board: www.collegeboard.org
    Register for SAT and get information about updates, practice tests, view and send scores
    Learn about AP courses and credits, view scores and send them to your school
    Study Resources:
    FREE Test Prep for SAT via Khan Academy: https://www.khanacademy.org/

    FREE Test Prep for ACT: https://academy.act.org

    Books with practice tests are available at a bookstore or at the library

    Next Steps Idaho has resources https://careerinfo.nextsteps.idaho.gov/resource-category/future-you/assessments-test-prep/

    Private tutors and study groups
    Private individuals in the community offer tutoring for the SAT and ACT as well. Here are a few resources.
    * The price for these services varies so please call them directly for information regarding cost
    Huntington Learning Center STEP Ahead Idaho
    13371 W Chinden #103 (208) 761-4140 https://stepaheadidaho.org/
    Boise, ID 83713
    Kathi Lecertua Class 101
    939-6256 Kathi.lecertua@gmail.com anixon@class101.com or (208)297-6275

    Jobs and Apprenticeships
    IdahoWorks https://idahoworks.gov/ada/r/job_seeker
    Create a resume, get text alerts about job openings, apply and more...
    Idaho Workers Opportunity Network https://idahoapprenticeships.org/
    Get paid to learn a trade. Includes things like electrician, iron workers, plumbers, lineman and more
    Workforce Development http://cwi.edu/programs-degrees/workforce-development
    Trade Schools: https://www.trade-schools.net/locations/idaho-schools-directory.asp