• ~High School Checklist~ 


    Have a vision for yourself, dream big, then make a plan. Surround yourself with reminders of your goals!

    Build up your skills every chance you get and increase your confidence (math, science, foreign language, social sciences, computers, etc.)

    Talk to people you admire to gather ideas on colleges and careers.

    Run for leadership positions every chance you get.

    Ask your high school counselor for support! They can help you step by step and make suggestions you might not have thought of on your own (jobs, programs, scholarships, location, etc.)

    Apply for a job, again building some foundational skills is key to success.

    Get involved in extracurricular activities as much as possible.

    Volunteer in your community! This is a chance to make contacts, build skills and try things out to see what you like.

    Keep setting small goals for yourself to finish classes and keep your grades up! It’s never too late to get back on track and celebrate each time you accomplish a small goal. Success is made up of many small accomplishments!


    Explore careers and job opportunities in those careers (Use CIS, its free!)

    Study hard and do well in school – Remember, your grades will count
    toward college and will show up on your permanent record.

    Start to attend events on college campuses (plays, concerts, sporting
    events, activities related to your major, etc.)


    Visit college campuses for campus tour, college fairs visit with advisors/faculty, and  pick up admission packets.

    Get to know your high school counselor and let them get to know you and your goals, career aspirations, schools you are considering, etc. Your parents may want to go along too.
    Make a list of barriers you think are keeping you from your goals and think of possible solutions to overcome each.

    Create a list of colleges, programs or jobs you are interested in.


    Get to know the admission criteria for your top schools or skills required for your dream job. Know where you stand in relation to those requirements and work toward making small changes.


    Fill out a FAFSA, it’s free and you don’t have to commit to anything.


    Start applying to college in the Spring before you graduate!


    Ask for help when you need it! You are not alone. Make a plan!