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        Advanced Opportunties provides fuding that allows students to take dual credit, overload courses, qualifying CTE workforce training, and exams (AP and IB) by accessing funds from the state to pay for these oportunties and better prepeare them for their future.  A  Fast Forward Participation form must be completed through the PARENT portal of PowerSchool under update student information.

    Concurrent Credit 

    Concurrent Credit (dual credit) courses involve students being enrolled in two different institutions at the same time, such as a college course taught at the high school.  Concurrent credit classes are taught on a comparable level to a freshman college course, so they are expected to work at the college level. Students will earn  high school credit and  college credit for the course as long as they pass with the necessary grade and they paid for the college credit (credits are paid for by the Sate using Fast Forward Funds if you request them). Prior to offering a concurrent credit class a teacher must be cleared by the college or university to teach a college level course. It's important to know that the grade earned in a concurrent credit class will be recorded on the students college transcripts. Most credits transfer to colleges and universities; however, as a precaution before registering for concurrent credit students/parents should check with the colleges and universities they are considering attending to confirm their policies. 


    Overload Courses

    Overload courses must be high school level courses. A student must be enrolled in a full credit load within a given school year to be eligible for funding of an overload course. A full course load is defined by the state as 12 credits. Overload course cannot be repeat courses and must be high school credit courses. An overload course must be taken for high school credit to be eligible for funding. Overload classes taken through an Idaho public school, such as a public high school or IDLA, can be paid directly by the state to the school. Courses taken through other institutions will need to be paid for in advance by the parent or student and reimbursed by the state.


    Workforce Training 

    Workforce Training Courses must be at an Idaho public technical college, lead to an industry-recognized certificate, license or degree in an industry that is currently in demand, and must not be avaible at the students high school. These courses are non-credit courses and may vary in length.


    Advanced Placement Exams

    Advanced Placement Exams can be paid for using Fast Forward funds. However, as per state statute, these funds will be frozen nex year if a student earns less than a 2 or fails to sit for an AP examination that was paid for using these funds. 


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        Current Offerings

    BSU 3cr HIST112 Honors US Hist  Yearlong
    BSU 3cr POLS101 Honors Amer Govt Yearlong
    CWI 3cr THEA 111 Theatre Arts Major 9-12 A/B Yearlong
    CWI 3cr MATH 143 Math III Yearlong
    CWI 2cr MATH 144 Hon Pre-Calc  Yearlong
    CWI 3cr MATH 123 Math in Modern Society A/B Yearlong
    CWI 1cr MUSI 150 Piano Lab 9-12 Semester II
    BSU 3cr THEA 102 Dance Majors 9-12 A/B Yearlong





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