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Learning Lab FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Learning Labs


What is a Learning Lab?

A Learning Lab is a specialized class which supports students and their specific needs. Learning Labs typically focus on either Language Arts (reading and writing) or Mathematics but may address other concerns as well. Labs are typically smaller than other classes to provide additional one-on-one instruction during the day. Lab support but do not replace instruction in either Language Arts or Mathematics.

What do students actually do in a Learning Lab?

Learning Labs try to meet two different but related needs. Students will receive targeted instruction to help them fill in some of the instructional gaps which they may have. A learning lab will also provide some additional support for work that students may receive in their other classes. Each Lab last forty-five minutes and takes place daily. In each week that allows 225 total minutes (5x45) of support in the lab. This allows about 20 minutes per day of targeted instruction and 20 minutes per day of help with their assignments although some days may focus more in one area or another.

What is targeted instruction?

Learning Labs will assess the specific strengths and weaknesses each student may have and provide instruction to meet the identified needs. Students are then monitored to track progress during the year. Lake Hazel Middle School uses a range of evidence-based interventions including some computerized and adaptive programs (see Online Learning Programs).

How will students be graded in learning lab?

Learning Labs are graded on a pass or fail (P/F) basis rather than a letter grade (A/B/C/D/F). The material taught in learning lab specifically targets areas of weakness for each student. Students are tracked for progress in these skills but graded on effort and participation. 

If my student has a Learning Lab, will they still have homework?

Learning Labs try to help as much as they can but 20 minutes is not usually enough time to finish homework in all classes. A typical middle school student may have one hour or more of homework each night. A Learning Lab can often help students get off to a good start and answer specific questions but they will have homework most nights.

How do I know what homework my student has?

Lake Hazel Middle School encourages students to maintain a daily agenda for each of their classes. As part of the Learning Lab, students may pick up copies of an agenda sheet to be used each week. Families may also use their own agendas or calendars and different programs may be more successful for different students. Parents may also see their student’s completed assignments on the Power School webpage (see Learning Links page).  Copies of homework assignments are also typically posted on each teacher’s personal calendar (also connected on Learning Links page). Clicking on the calendar will allow you to download the assignment in question.  Finding a system that works can be challenging. Feel free to email the teacher of a specific class or the learning lab teacher if you have questions.