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    West Ada uses the Mathematics Vision Project (MVP) for our core curricular materials in Math I, II, and III. They are designed to be significantly different than a traditional textbook.

    From the parent section on the MVP website:

    Current educational research and developments in instructional practice have made it possible for your child to learn mathematics through a better way than the traditional mode of instruction.  The MVP path to learning focuses on conceptual understanding, supported by factual knowledge and procedural facility.  Your child’s mathematical adventure will begin in a classroom setting, where they will be encouraged to actively engage in tasks that have been carefully designed to help them deepen and connect their mathematical knowledge. During the classroom experience, your student will enhance their understanding through discourse with peers as they share their ways of seeing the mathematics unfold. Regular attendance is imperative because what happens daily in the classroom cannot be replicated at home or by reading the textbook.  
    Following each classroom experience, your child will be assigned a Ready, Set, Go! homework assignment. These assignments have been correlated to the daily classroom experience and should be completed each day, so that the student is prepared (Ready) for the next lesson. 

    We want all of our students to have a successful experience in their high school math classes. You can help by encouraging your student to

    • Value the classroom experience and sense-making tasks
    • Complete their assignments every night
    • Ask questions in class and get extra help outside of class when needed

    Recently we have used teams of teachers to develop priority standards that list for each class the concepts and skills that are essential for students to learn. We think of these as guarantees of what students will have mastered by the time they walk out of each classroom at the end to the year. Although the MVP materials are a big step in the right direction, we know they aren't perfect. So, we are supplementing them wherever we feel they don’t do a good job of getting kids to master these priority standards.

    MVP does offer online help videos for a subscription fee. You can find them on the MVP website. Although this is certainly an option, we recommend that you use our help page that includes resources that correspond to the concepts and skills in each module. We feel they will be sufficient for most students.